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Cardio Kool Kids™ is a complete wellness curriculum for children in grades pre-K to 5 that combines kickboxing, sports drills, strength training, hip hop dance and health and nutrition journaling while enhancing math, reading, science, writing, social and peer mentoring skills.  Our innovative program benefits the whole child, features positive reinforcement, provides student leadership opportunities, and teaches kids that healthy living can be fun!

Since 2003, Cardio Kool Kids™ has been positioning itself to be the gold standard in children’s health and fitness! Through our innovative programming and the highest quality instructors, we have become a unique, cutting edge model of success that is unmatched in children’s wellness!

At Cardio Kool Kids™, we want to get kids excited about being fit and healthy so that they will want to choose wellness as a way of life for the rest of their lives!

If you share in our passion, we hope you will join us in our mission! We are looking for individuals, school venues, community partners, and franchisees who are motivated toward and invested in making our children a healthier generation!IMG_0073